NEW E-SPEED product line

Today we are welcoming our new line E-SPEED. Energy efficient solution with reduced cycle times and drying times.

When to use E-SPEED?

For paint shops which want to increase their spray booth productivity. Have customers whom you have to deny since your spray booth is fully booked? With the E-SPEED line you can make at least 30% more repairs on smaller car parts: the parts with high profit margins for most paint shops. For shops with 3-15 people in the production area.

For family owned paint shops who want to decrease the energy bill upcoming winter and maintain their profits without extra hours of work. Drying cycle of E-SPEED primer and clear coat at 20 C is 60 min. The differencу in drying temperature will decrease your energy bill by 27% in case of 1-2 repairs/day. 

Other technical specifications RX 6830 E-SPEED UHS CLEAR COAT 2:1.

Other technical specifications RX 4820 E-SPEED 2K UHS FILLER 4:1.

Other technical specifications RX 4810 E-SPEED 1K UV FILLER.


Request a case study  of energy consumption or production throughput improvement for more details. 

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