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At CHEMCO innovation starts with understanding the needs and expectations of our customers. To be able to fulfill them, we have built our own laboratory and managed to develop a wide range of products characterized by quality and innovation.


In-house laboratory is the heart of our company where young team of experts works on product development, quality control and further innovation. From the very beginning to this day our mission remains the same: providing customers with high-performance products that take into account the quality of ingredients, customers' needs and environment. The laboratory at our disposal allow us to monitor all the future changes on the market and to quickly respond to your evolving needs.

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Ambitious projects start with outstanding materials. CHEMCO provides you with high-performance products that take into account your needs, the quality of ingredients and the environment.

Twenty years of experience in the development and production of paints and varnishes are our advantage and your guarantee for reliable products made from the raw materials of the leading European manufacturers (Bayer, BASF, Huntsman, Petrol and others). We strive to source the best raw ingredients on the market and constantly improve quality and durability of our products.


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