2K polyurethane coating with high resistance to mechanical and chemical impact. Robust coating for use on truck bed surfaces and for all heavy-duty surfaces on commercial vehicles. The product is also used for improving the noise insulation and protection of surfaces from abrasion. Can also be used as underbody protection.

Mixing ration
100 parts: 5550 25 parts: 7555
1,45 g/cm3 /// DIN cup 4 mm (20°C) /// 35 - 50 sek
Spray gun set-up / application pressure
tip = 3.0 - 4.0 mm Application pressure = 1.0 - 4.0 bar 2 layers
4 - 5 m2/l (one layer 100 μm)
"20°C 15 min // dust dry 40 min // air dry 5 h // prior to assembly 10 h // dry 60°C 30 min // presušeno"
Product storage
24 months (in the original unopened package)
carton 12 pcs. × 0,80 l
2004/42/WE/IIB(c)(540) < 840
Pot life
1 - 1.5 hour
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