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RepairXtreme is a young and dynamic brand offering a wide range of repair products to support all vehicle body repair and refinishing procedures. We focus on bringing new innovative products at a competitive price. Offering high performance products we aim to deliver stable quality and long-lasting durability.

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Car repair

RX offers new competitive products at normal prices. RX offers a vast line of products to choose from companies have trusted us so far.


No matter the number, more or less all owners of trucks are doing the service on them. More often than not these repairs are done inhouse.

Producer of
special vehicles

Quality, long relationship and team support - those are the main reasons why several leading EU producers of special vehicles have decided for RX paints.


RepairXtreme has committed to creating new innovative products for paint shops. Our laboratory is testing and adding new products to existing line.

Durable and robust

Build from selected materials RX paints are build for high quality finishes which are so important in car refinish sector.


We develop RX specifically for the refinish area making sure it is suitable for its processes and needs.

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Premium acryl filler with over 60% of solid content. It is easy to sand and dries up quickly even at 20C. 100 micron layer is ready to sand in 2 hours.



RX 4160 is an affordable good quality 2K acryl filler. Smooth to ensure short sanding time and drying at 20C within 4 hours.

  • Smooth to ensure short sanding time
  • Attractive price offer
  • Drying at 20C within 4 hours


Multipurpose 2K acrylic filler has been designed for wet-on-wet application and has the best spread among our fillers. Due to special formulation RX 4150 has high solid content over 50% thus providing great coverage.

Premium quality 2K acrylic primer for small to medium repair with fast dry-to-sand times and excellent resistance to film shrinkage. 

UV Primer is a 1K, isocyanate free UV curable filler suitable for small repairs, which offers customers the opportunity to drastically reduce their preparation process time.  

Ultra-fast air drying (under 60 min at 20C) high solids clearcoat specially developed for body-shops with a high production and where short air drying times are required.

2K Clear coat that is resistant to scratching, characterized by fast drying time, good flow and UV resistance (non-yellowing).

HS clear coat that creates a high quality transparent surface that is resistant to scratching. Characterized by fast drying time, good flow, UV resistant (non-yellowing). 

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