About Chemco

CHEMCO is a privately owned, technology driven production facility based in Slovenia, which will be able to accompany you on large scale projects as well as with special products on demand. Since 2013 CHEMCO expanded to the foreign markets, developed new production facilities and opened its own laboratory that enables development of new products and reliable quality control.

Certified production 

EU based ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production of paint and coatings for surface protection according to ISO 12944. Production facilities of 4000 sq meters are equipped with reliable machines able to produce finished and packed products in packages from 0,2L to 10000 L. 

Flexible to meet your needs

CHEMCO is a flexible production facility which will be able to accompany you on large scale projects as well as with special products on demand. The portfolio includes more than 500 products dispatched at a short notice.

Data-driven quality control with own laboratory 

Quality control operation is performed by our laboratory staff for every batch before final packing is done. The data is gathered and stored electronically for any product shipped. Start-to-end production traceability gives our customers transparent and reliable supply.

Best fit of tradition and modern production practice 

More than 30 years CHEMCO has been assisting its customers with the best coatings possible. The team works closely together making us one of those partners you can trust. The company is a proud family run business with the best fit of traditions and modern production practice. The experience of 2 generations gives CHEMCO team the vast knowledge to share with our customers.

Customer support

Our customers can rely on our knowledge from many international projects. You know your market best and we got you covered with expertise in coating procedures, production technology and chemical compatibility. We produce our own brand as well as OEM.

Recognised internationally

Trusted by partners all over the world. Operation on the international level is a milestone for any company including us.

High quality products and expert approach

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